The Urban Legend of The Mothman comes to life with Bayview Entertainment new release, MOTH

The found footage horror film, Moth hits VOD platforms on March 26, 2024 from Bayview Entertainment.

Thora, a university professor, decides to travel to Central Europe to investigate one of her favourite legends, thanks to a growing number of recent sightings. She is joined by her student, the rather odd and reclusive Adam, with whom she videos the places where the creature is said to have appeared, but as night falls, it is no longer just a question of whether they can get to the bottom of the Mothman legend, but also whether they will survive the adventure.

The Mothman legend originating from West Virginia folklore dates back to 1966, In the nearly 60 years since a local claimed to see a man-sized bird creature, the tale has taken on a life of its own and is just as much a subject for compelling speculation as other cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, and The Loch Ness Monster.


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