Exclusive first look for Jason Hawkins’ ‘The Other Gods’

The HP Lovecraft story The Other Gods is being adapted for the screen by Jason Hawkins and is currently in development, and expecting to go into pre-production early this summer. In an exclusive first look, Hawkins shared some makeup test images for Amunet, a cultists in the film.

Amunet will be played by actress Corinne La Fors, and is described as a witch who leads a band of cultists who worship The Gods of the Earth. The role brings intense action sequences, creeping dread, and horror to the film. Filming is set to take place in the Pacific Northwest, and will introduce audiences to characters that the filmmakers are hoping to carry over into other, additional Lovecraftian films; creating a Lovecraft horrorverse set in the small towns and coastal villages of Oregon and Washington.

A short synopsis for the film reads as follows. The Other Gods – A sorcerer seeking forbidden knowledge hires a trio of mercenaries to keep him and his young apprentice safe as they venture into the dark woods in search of The Other Gods.

Hawkins, who previously appeared in the Netflix original series ‘Haunted’, is the filmmaker behind films such as All American Bully, 15: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, and the upcoming release of the festival-smashing hit The Night Devours. Hawkins has recently signed his first studio deal, but will continue to work indie films as his schedule allows, and adapting Lovecraft is high on his list of things he’d like to do in that world.

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