Lil Mabu & DD Osama Take On an Evil Empire (of Zombies)

Who knew rap would go so well with… zombies?

Young, upcoming rappers Lil Mabu and DD Osama released their music video for Evil Empire on April 4th and the video is going absolutely viral. The four-minute mini-movie has achieved almost 4,100,000 unique views in just eight days! Throw in a half-million streams on Spotify and this one’s a certified hit!

The music video for Evil Empire sees our heroes working in a supposed laboratory a la old-school mad scientist territory. After tossing one of their experiments in an abandoned alley, a drug addict quickly snorts the contents and finds himself infected with a zombie-like virus. What follows is a horde of zombies attacking the city and our heroes, Mabu and Osama, as they lay waste to the undead intruders.

Evil Empire was released in promotion of Lil Mabu’s new EP, Young Genius. Previously, the rapper notched two entries on the Billboard Hot 100 – Mathematical Disrespect (#47) and Mr. Take Your Bitch (#96). Evil Empire was written and co-directed by Lil Mabu with director Rick Lancaster. It also features actor Randy Memoli. Mr. Memoli has worked as a zombie in almost a dozen projects and two Walking Dead attractions.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of rap… but I liked this song! It’s sleek and mainstream. It has great production quality and an almost video game like effect. Definitely worth a watch/listen.

Check it out below!

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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