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Attend the “Pandemic Sex Party”
… if you dare! | Official Trailer

For Immediate Release:

Production has quietly begun on Pandemic Sex Party, about a masked maniac brutally crashing the titular bash. Writer/director Myles Erfurth says don’t let the title fool you! Pandemic Sex Party is a balls-to-the-wall gritty horror flick and pure grindhouse terror. Today, fans are being invited to join the party and participate in Pandemic Sex Party’s incentive-laden Indiegogo campaign.

Pandemic Sex Party is the latest from Andy Gould, producer of Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and Zombie’s two Halloween films, among others.

“When Myles Erfurth’s screenplay for Pandemic Sex Party came across my desk, I blazed through it in one sitting,” says Gould. “I was hooked from the start by its original mix of twisted horror and great characters, as well as its clever setting and set-up. But what really caught my attention was the blood-chilling character of The Rancher. Having worked with Rob Zombie on his classic horror films, I know a thing or two about memorable villains. The Rancher, Pandemic Sex Party’s savage killer, is a terrifying new slasher icon ready to be embraced by the horror world.”

The filmmakers pledge to recapture thrills of past exploitation gold. “As an homage to the glory day of grindhouse-style films, Pandemic Sex Party will not disappoint,” says Erfurth, whose previous feature film, The Silver Stream, was an interactive live-stream horror film that starred Bill Moseley and Ice Nine Kills.

“Our story takes place in the not-so-distant future. AI has taken over the majority of the job market, and the primary source of income for young people is that of a social media influencer or online model. Being on the verge of another pandemic, Sasha, a young video game streamer, heads off into the desert for the weekend to make ‘content’ with her online model friends: Tanya, Cash, Dream and her younger sister Cherry.”

Trouble awaits at the remote location. “Once arriving at the rental house dubbed ‘The Funny Ranch,’ the group slowly begins to realize things aren’t exactly as they seem,” music video veteran Erfurth continues. “They are soon met by The Rancher, a masked killer who has a vendetta against the newly-changing world, online influencers and online models alike.”

The movie’s recently-completed trailer only hints at the chills and carnage to come. “Pandemic Sex Party is a truly explicit film that embodies the essence of horror,” the director says. “There is no better time for a film like this.”

Those who agree are prompted to visit Pandemic Sex Party’s Indiegogo page (see here, where the persuasive perks range from super-memorabilia swag to a co-producing credit to walk-ons roles in the movie.

Gould and Erfurth promise a respite from the recent spate of limp PG-13 horror. “Pandemic Sex Party, on the surface, is a brutal slasher film about how a group of online models escape a looming pandemic for one last shot at fun before they are forced into the ultimate lockdown,” says Erfurth. “The majority of modern-day horror films have become sexually watered-down. Pandemic Sex Party is going to be a wild ride.”


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