War Of The Ninja Monsters: Jaron vs. Goura Trailer and Release Details

Two men, tired from work, visit the town of Chichibu to enjoy their favorite hobby – exploring caves. But little do they know, the town has been secretly protected by the descendants of the righteous Shinobi ninja since the Sengoku period. The two unlucky friends accidentally break a spell that awakens two colossal beasts, Jaron and Goura. The area’s rival clans manipulate them into a fierce battle, bringing chaos to the area. But a righteous female ninja steps up, wanting to stop the destruction and restore the seal. Can she defeat the evil ninjas that stand in her way before Chichibu is completely destroyed by two kaiju?

A brand-new Japanese kaiju movie from Shinpei Hayashiya, director of the Reigo: King Of The Sea Monsters, Raiga: God Of The Monsters, and God Raiga vs. King Ohga!

The cast and crew includes suit actors Mizuho Yoshida (Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, Zeiram) and Akihiko Ohashi (Gamera 2: Attack Of Legion, Gamera 3: Revenge Of Iris), cinematographer/VFX/editor Masayuki Nagata (Atami Monster), composer Yasuhiro Ueda (Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey, UltraMan Zero vs. Darklops Zero), monster designer Shinji Nishikawa (Godzilla vs. Biollante, Godzilla 2000), suit and prop makers Naofumi Kanamori and Tomohiro Matsumoto (Reigo: King Of The Sea Monsters), CG producer Kazuya Hayashi (Reigo: King Of The Sea Monsters), CG assistant Ryoichi Nakajima, props/poster/logo designer Ichiro Murakami, special effects assistant Yutaka Arai (Hayashiya’s previous works), still photographer Akihiko Nawajima (Kamen Rider Zo, Shin Godzilla), and publicist Avery Guerra (NEZURA 1964, HOSHI 35). Official artwork by Jeff Zornow (Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth, Godzilla In Hell).

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