Terror Twins LLC announces “Traction Park Massacre”

Terror Twins, LLC announces “Traction Park Massacre,” currently filming outside of Atlanta through April directed and written by Adam Dubin (Murder at the Front Row/A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica) and Douglas diMonda. The film is an ode to 80’s slasher movies, along with genre classics, like “Evil Dead,” “Friday the 13th,” “Saw,” et al.

“Traction Park Massacre” is an audacious joy ride that brings together two groups of strong characters isolated in the abandoned amusement park and at the mercy of the Terror Twins, played by Kai and Bodhi Schulz (American Horror Story). The film will feature a soundtrack chock-full of classic metal, and a bold 80’s inspired score from Alex Skolnick of Testament.

“‘Traction Park Massacre’ is a horror movie with many comedic elements,” said Dubin and diMonda. “The story is always moving forward taking our characters deeper into the dark hearts of the terror twins, Otto and Emil and their twisted fantasy world.”

ACTION WONDERLAND, a dangerous local waterpark burned to the ground fifteen years ago supposedly killing twin ten-year olds OTTO and EMIL VON METZGER giving rise to urban legends. But the TERROR TWINS are alive and they hunt those thrill seekers foolish enough to attempt to find the remains of the abandoned park.

A group of young people head to the area in Mark’s RV including Mark’s Girlfriend Candy, Jamal and his girlfriend Lisa and her best friend Jamie. Along the way Jamie and her friends attract the attention of an outlaw biker gang led by The Ruthless Napalm. The gang follows Jamie, Lisa, Jamal, Mark and Candy to the area to steal the RV and dispose of young people. But little do they know that terror twins, Otto and Emil have other plans for them. The entire group of young people and the biker gang are set upon by the twins, who have rigged out the area with traps and games based upon the old, dilapidated rides.

In discussing production in Georgia, producer, Jack Gulick said, “Not only is the film crew, Camera, Grip, Electric, SFX and all the Post Production team from Georgia, we also made a huge effort to look to local acting talent before we looked elsewhere and the result is a cast that is over 95% local. They are really wonderful skilled actors. Our rock solid production staff lead by Line Producer Mark Crump, a long time fixture in Georgia production, connected us with Production Designer Anthony Bruno, SFX Master JJ Madaris, Wardrobe Designer Miracole Burns and AD Barbara Zagrodnik to name only a few. Our DP Chris Fenner was selected after a long careful search. His unique talent for mixing vintage lenses with modern digital technology has created the unique look and feel the directors were looking for.Finally our post production facility MOONSHINE POST-PRODUCTION and BOOM POST AUDIO are equal to any I have worked with in NY or LA. Even being away from home for so long has been kinda fun as we really like it here.”


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