Massacre Video Drops Trailers for Sergio Blasco‘s Cult Shockers”Más Carnaza” and “Burrp”

Massacre Video, a pioneer in distributing distinctive horror and exploitation cinema, is excited to announce the trailer release of Sergio Blasco‘s infamous shockers, “Más Carnaza” and “Burrp.” These films, celebrated for their visceral content and shot-on-video aesthetic, are now remastered and unleashed in all their gory glory.

“Más Carnaza” delves into a macabre tale of obsession and brutality. It follows a man haunted by a failed relationship, whose sinister quest to reclaim his lost love descends into a horrifying spiral of violence. “Burrp” portrays a city overwhelmed by corruption and filth, turning a reality show into a gruesome spectacle of survival, pitting the deranged against the desperate in a bloody free-for-all.

The “Más Carnaza” and “Burrp” Blu-rays can be pre-ordered through Massacre Video’s website or selected retailers. Given the films‘ notorious reputations and limited release, enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their copies promptly.

Special Features on the Blu-ray:
-Brand New 1080p Remastered Versions
-Uncompressed Spanish PCM Audio
-Making of ‘Burrp’ Featurette
-Bonus Short Film: ‘Litio’
-Making of ‘Litio’ Featurette
-Original Trailers
-Trailers for Upcoming Massacre Video Releases


Massacre Video is dedicated to revitalizing the thrill and shock of retro horror cinema through our premium home-video releases, ensuring that these grotesque masterpieces continue to horrify and delight aficionados around the globe.


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