Return of the Corn Zombies feature film Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Two years have passed since the first infected walked the earth and the corn virus has spread across the globe. A group of survivors fight their way through a zombie infested world to reach a sanctuary named “Homestead” that can be their only hope for survival.

Return of the Corn Zombies launches Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at Perks include IMDB credits, acting in the film, physical media and many affordable options. Please consider becoming part of this production and grab your perk today!

Return of the Corn Zombies is the sequel to popular indie feature film Attack of the Corn Zombies, available on the Acrostar Production YouTube channel With over 900 IMDB ratings and 11,000 views, Attack of the Corn Zombies fans want to know the fate of survivors in this corn zombie infected world.

Set in the late 1960s, Return of the Corn Zombies is much darker in tone than the original film. Gone are the carefree days of hippies hanging out getting high and greasers looking to pick a fight – it’s all about survival!

Return of the Corn Zombies stars: Hunter Redfern – Mel Heflin – Angel Bradford – David J. Paul – Chanda Rawlings – Christopher Kahler – Kelsey Ann Baker – Chris Lutterloah – Delilah Hefner – Remya Kightlinger – Beth Metcalf – Chloe Lutz PRODUCER Ann Myrna – DIRECTED BY Steve Hermann and Mia Katz – CINEMATOGRAPHY BY Ashley Hefner – WRITTEN BY Steve Hermann – SFX Beth Metcalf

Return of the Corn Zombies is filming in September 2024 in central Illinois, about 30 miles from Champaign IL. Release is planned for first quarter 2025.

A Facebook fan group of over 4,500 people provides behind-the-scenes information including script excerpts, cast and crew introductions, casting notices and shoutouts to supporters


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