Synapse Films Announces the Global Debut of Crocodile on Blu-ray

On July 9th, Synapse Films presents the global debut of Crocodile on Blu-ray, from a new restoration of the original English 35mm camera negative.

Move aside Jaws. Watch out Godzilla. A gigantic atomic mutant crocodile is on the loose, terrorizing everyone in its wake! When doctors Tony Akom (Nat Puvani) and John Stromm (Min Oo) take their wives on a quiet beach vacation, it quickly turns into a nightmare. The nightmare? Their wives are attacked and killed by a giant crocodile that has mutated from nearby nuclear testing. Out for vengeance, they enlist the help of Tanaka (Manop Asavatep), a local fisherman, and Peter (Robert Chan), a photographer. Will they be able to stop the rampaging village-stomping beast before others are devoured?

The Blu-ray special features include an audio commentary with the late film historian Lee Gambin, a video interview with original director Won-se Lee, the original theatrical trailer, and deleted and alternate scenes.

Pre-order the Blu-ray here:


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