“Jacker 3: Road to Hell” – A Fiery Conclusion Will Start Production This Fall

It’s been 30 years. The Jacker just stopped killing and disappeared. This will be the trilogy’s final chapter, “Jacker 3: The Road to Hell.” It promises a thrilling conclusion. Debbie D returns as Gloria, surviving the chaos of the first installment. This long-anticipated release, set for early 2025, aims to please fans with a throwback to the carefree SOV days, filled with violence and tantalizing scenes.

Under the direction of James Panetta and written by and starring Phil Herman, this film promises a crazy ride again. Expect cameos from past favorites, tying the trilogy together. Just like Jacker 2, this installment will feature supernatural elements that will have you questioning what’s real and what’s a nightmare.

The film also stars Butch Patrick , Kevin Duffy, Christopher Kahler, Debbie Dutch ,Ted Alderman, Ralph Rey, and Kimberly Cole Zemke. Plus a who’s who of the indie world.

Having Debbie D come back is truly a treat. She is not what she appears to be and ultimately could be a threat to the Jacker. Along with all new characters and victims, this promises not to let down the fans that have made these movies a cult classic.

In their quest to finish what they started, Phil and Debbie believe “Jacker 3” will be a fitting conclusion, captivating audiences just like its predecessors. As the road to hell reaches its final destination, fans eagerly await the culmination of this cinematic journey in early 2025.

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