Zombie Allegiance Coming December 6th

Zombie AllegiancePledge Allegiance To The Dead With Zombie Allegiance Coming From Independent Entertainment 12/06/2011. Independent Entertainment, the newest home entertainment label under the Alternative Cinema banner, will release the post-apocalyptic film Zombie Allegiance Tuesday December 6, 2011 to DVD and Digital Markets.

Directed and produced by Tony Nunes, Zombie Allegiance stars Brandon Louis Aponte (Nun of That), Andre Boudreau (Atomic Brain Invasion), Carlos Brum (Splatter Disco), Sarah Nicklin (Beyond the Dunwich Horror, Nun of That), and Michael Reed (Nun of That) in a riveting and “scarily accurate metaphor* for our politically volatile times.

As per the synopsis:

In post-World War III America, where the walking dead outnumber the living, a determined band of mismatched survivors scour hostile terrain in their quest for shelter and community. But not all the living they encounter are benign…

Chocked full of gore and dripping with suspense, ZOMBIE ALLEGIANCE presents “a sometimes scarily accurate metaphor regarding the current state of affairs here in the good ole U.S.A”.

The directorial debut of writer /actor Tony Nunes, a staple of the Rhode Island /Massachusetts independent cinema scene, Zombie Allegiance is an ambitious apocalyptic undead saga that’s a must for lovers of zombie films and fans of independent filmmaking.

Zombie Allegiance DVD and Technical Specs Include

SRP: $14.95
Cat Code: ie_113
Upc: 8787460011396
Production Year: 2010
Street Date: 12/06/11
DVD Region: 0
Director: Tony Nunes
Stars: Brandon Louis Aponte, Andre Boudreau, Carlos Brum, Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed
Aspect Ratio: 16×9
Number of Discs: 1

Disc Breakdown:

Zombie Allegiance Feature Film 92 min
Trailers 7 min 12 sec

Watch Zombie Allegiance Trailer Here

About Independent Entertainment

The newest label under the Alternative Cinema Home Entertainment Network, Independent Entertainment showcases contemporary micro-budget horror and exploitation cinema for the niche entertainment consumer.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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