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GRISLY (Review)


Something “Grisly” this way comes.

The teaser tag line for a mutated popcorn horror indie flick entitled, “Grisly,” the film pulls punches with typical horror tropes, but mixes in enough blood, guts, running, and violence to satisfy all spectrums of horror fans.

Carolyn Bronnicke a mutated being with gills has been captured by a covert division of the CIA. While she and her fellow genetically damaged kin are experimented on, the CIA’s thirst for knowledge, power, and understanding question the integrity of the organization. On the reverse, Agent Milo Finn an old school, tough as nails investigator tries to get to the bottom of Carolyn’s existence and determine if she and her fellow “gill girls” are a danger to humanity.

Grisly packs questions of morality, genetics, and even existentialism all in a short horror piece. The violence doesn’t outrun the narrative, and the characters exists outside of the mayhem, which can often be a rarity in horror, particular creature films. The scientist and the CIA don’t have any idea of what they have stumbled onto and Grisly makes the ‘creature’ in this case Carolyn, not only the protagonist, but an atypical monster.

All in all, Grisly is fun. And let’s be honest blood, violence, and mutated creatures go really well with popcorn. As far as indie horror goes, “Grisly” has everything on the menu.

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