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In Search Of Lovecraft

In Search Of Lovecraft: Horror Feature Film Ready For Distribution

RebeccaNightmareIn Search Of Lovecraft is an original, scary independent horror feature film shot on location in the San Francisco Bay area. All worldwide rights are now available. The movie tells the story of Rebecca Marsh, a young, skeptical TV news reporter assigned to do a Halloween program on legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. She and her crew soon find their lives in grave danger when they discover that the fictional creatures and cults that Lovecraft wrote about are actually real and are now hunting them.

Engaging the help of an occult expert and a sexy witch, Rebecca and the TV news team are forced to fight the evil forces that have come after them and who are preparing to summon the Dark God Nyarlathotep into our world. To survive their ordeal, Rebecca and her friends must uncover the secret of The Haunter Of The Dark and find the sacred black stone that the cult is searching for before it’s too late. But Rebecca soon comes to realize that there really may be no escape from the nightmarish world of H.P. Lovecraft, because should they live through their ordeal, they may end up going insane in the process, just as the author’s characters always do.

In Search Of Lovecraft was written and directed by David Hohl and produced by David Hohl and Michael Rosen for HohloGraphic Productions, LLC. Hohl and Rosen have assembled a talented cast and crew that combines Hohl’s gripping, original story with fine acting performances, special visual effects by artist Todd c. Hartman, terrifying music by Troy Sterling Nies (Call of Cthulhu) and eerie atmospheric lighting by Michael Rosen to bring the audience an unforgettable cinematic experience. This independent feature film sometimes uses a P.O.V./docu-drama story telling approach so audiences are sure to feel that they are not so much watching a movie but are along for the ride with the TV news crew and what happens to them, happens to the viewer. Combining a chilling, heart pounding unique story with science fiction and mystery, In Search Of Lovecraft is sure to deliver and stay in the film audience’s mind long after the movie is finished.

H.P. Lovecraft’s horrifying “mythos” (author’s fictitious mythological world) has such a following that Hohl took the rumored idea that there are magick (occult “magick” as opposed to stage “magic”) cults that believe the creatures in Lovecraft’s novels and short stories really exist, and using this legend he decided to mix the world of fiction and real life, blurring the lines of reality. An occult expert was on the set to supervise the scenes dealing with rituals and help add authenticity to the scenes involving the supernatural. He worked closely with scream-queen actress Rachael Robbins during her role as Keja the Witch to add validation to her chantings and during a complete and accurate magick ritual done in the climax of the film.

Although the majority of the movie takes place in modern day San Francisco, there are a few scenes in the film that are set in the early 1930’s. Some of these scenes were shown as flashbacks and displayed in a letterboxed widescreen format while others are viewed as an old roll of projected, scratchy 16mm black-n-white film that Rebecca and her team had found hidden in a cave at a San Francisco beach. The 1930’s footage shows what happened to the British husband and wife documentary unit who were investigating this same cult and then mysteriously disappeared many decades ago. But now the news team sees that they are heading down the same road and may be doomed to suffer a similar fate.

Logline: While shooting a Halloween news story on horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, reporter Rebecca Marsh discovers that the “fiction” Lovecraft wrote is actually true and the creatures and cults described in his writings really exist. She and her crew are marked for death because of the knowledge they now possess.


Producer/Writer/Director David Hohl graduated with a BA in Humanities with a film emphasis and has additionally studied film and video at UCLA and The American Film Institute, earning a certificate in professional film studies at UCLA. He has worked in San Francisco on major television commercials and in Los Angeles at Screenmusic International as a production manager and a music clearance administrator. Hohl has also studied with some of the top screenwriting instructors and directors in Hollywood. He is a professional script consultant rated five stars and specializes in writing sci-fi, horror, and fantasy screenplays.

Producer/Director Of Photography Michael Rosen graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in television production. He also did graduate work in film production at The University Of Southern California and UCLA. After finishing school, Mike worked as a camera assistant on movies and shot numerous student and short films to hone his skills. Mike has since filmed and been on the producing team for music videos, regional television commercials, feature film projects, national PSA’s, television pilots, industrials and advertising videos working with such companies as The Eastman Kodak Company and Steadicam.

Veteran horror scream queen Rachael Robbins stars as the sexy blonde 400 year old witch Keja, who retains her youth and beauty and tries to save the TV news crew and the world from the forces of evil. Rachael has appeared in over a dozen horror and comedy feature films, posed and acted for Playboy, was in an episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and has done years of professional modeling.

Actress Renee Sweet plays the lead role of skeptical TV news reporter Rebecca Marsh in In Search Of Lovecraft. Renee is a San Francisco native who graduated with a BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. She has been on stage and in front of the camera since the age of six and has also appeared in The Discovery Channel’s original show “The New Detectives”.

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Information

H.P. Lovecraft was a popular writer of horror, science fiction and fantasy from Providence, Rhode Island whose mysterious, dark stories usually took place in New England. He was born in 1890 and died in 1937. Although his stories, such as “The Dunwich Horror”, “The Call of Cthulhu” and “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, were well known and his works have been adapted for the silver screen, it would be the mid 1980’s when his name really hit home in the film industry. In 1985, filmmaker Stewart Gordon directed Reanimator, based on the H.P. Lovecraft story. The movie went on to become an international smash hit that has spawned three sequels. In 1986, Gordon followed it up and directed H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond which today remains a classic horror/sci-fi film with few fright flicks having equaled it in quality and continues to impress audiences to this day. Gordon still directs movies based on Lovecraft’s writings. There is an annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival held each year in Portland, Oregon as well as other Lovecraft themed media events around the country. Filmmakers continue to make movies and programming based on Lovecraft and his writings because he has such a large, loyal fan base and a waiting audience for such commercial products.

The character of the Haunter Of The Dark or Nyarlathotep in In Search Of Lovecraft comes from the H.P. Lovecraft 1935 short story, “The Haunter Of The Dark.” It is based on an evil being that can appear in the form of a creature or man himself, entirely pitch black in color. Death and destruction follow in its path and it has the ability to take different forms.

Common themes in H.P. Lovecraft stories are cults, the coming of the end of the world, creatures that can enter our everyday lives from beyond and the idea that in learning about the truth of the Universe (the nightmarish Mythos of a Lovecraft story), one will lose their mind in the process.

In Search Of Lovecraft is now ready for distribution with worldwide rights available.

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