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New from WheelMan Press, Scairy Tales: 13 Tantalizing Tales of Terror.
During a time when horror is at an all-time high in popularity, WheelMan Press releases a collection of horror stories of the brand only author Gregory Bernard Banks can produce.

Scairy Tales: 13 Tantalizing Tales of Terror is a collection of 13 horror tales ranging from the bittersweet story of a man attempting to make up lost time with his wife and children, Family Day, to the The Santa, the story of the red menace that haunts a werewolf family every Christmas Eve, to The Purifier’s Tale, the epic Gothic horror set in an alternate world where monsters rule and humans are the rare and hunted beasts.

“Many of the stories in Scairy Tales don’t necessarily fall into the classic definition of horror,” says author Gregory Banks. “But I think they explore the deeper social and psychological aspects of horror, which I hope makes them all the more frightening and all the more real.”

Scairy Tales: 13 Tantalizing Tales of Terror officially launches Friday. February 12th on in both print and Kindle formats, and will soon be available in print from online retailers worldwide, as well as in various ebook formats from

Gregory Bernard Banks is a graphic designer,  forum administrator, co-Webmaster for the Speculative Literature Foundation, author, and owns the small press WheelMan Press (, and the freelance graphic design company, BDDesign LLC ( He’s published short stories and poetry in many venues, been both a quarter- and semi-finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest, and has previously published six books: Crossroads and Other Tales, Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death & Life, A Writer’s Journey in Poetry & Prose, An Interview with Santa and Other Christmas Treats, The Summoner, and 2012: Seeking Closure, along with a variety of ebooks and articles which have appeared in the top 100 rankings on’s Kindle store. Scairy Tales: 13 Tantalizing Tales of Terror is his seventh book.

For more information, or to comment on this book, you may contact WheelMan Press via email at, or through their website at

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