Play Me- horror short

An average middle age man wakes up from a well rested night and goes about his business just like any other day. After straightening up a bit he is ready to take the trash out. He opens the door and looks down and finds a DVD case with the words “play me” written in permanent black marker. Confused he glances around outside to see if maybe he can catch a fleeting glimpse of someone walking away. Why would someone leave this DVD on his welcome mat? What could be on there? Is it a porno? Does it have some incriminating evidence on there or what? He debates what to do in his mind. Should he watch it? Or should he just throw it in the trash? Curiosity always kills the cat so he decides to press play. What do you think he’ll see? It’s not good, I’ll give you that much!

Written by AngryPrincess

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