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Attack of the Giant Leeches

This movie was so stupid and ridiculas yet I loved it. Attack of the Giant Leeches should of been shown up on the big screen at the Drive In while kids snuggled in their pajama’s in the backseat of the car shoving popcorn down their throats. As they ly there with the fat dog blues they look up and see these big leeches that almost looked like black wrinkled inner tube tires as they wiggled around looking for it’s next meal making juicy slurping sounds.

I read a review prior to viewing it and they said it looked like giant dicks crawling around. Well I don’t know who in the hell has a dick that looks like that. No resemblance what so ever. Now everything is cheesy from the acting to the special effects. But that’s what makes it so damn lovable. If a group of your friends got together and had few drinks you would be all loving Attack of the Giant Leeches corniness.

Gracie the smart mouth borderline feminist’s father is Professor Everett who knows a thing or two when it comes to science. So when people start turning up dead at the swamp with red hickey like marks all over the place and no blood left in their bodies he is determined to figure it all out. Scott the one who now is the care taker of this lovely marsh is trying his hardest to get on Gracie’s good side and in her pants.

After the gang figures it out and they now know they are dealing with giant leeches they set to a plan that just might work at getting rid of those suckers with out hurting any of the wetland creatures. So when the Professor rigs up a stick of dynamite made from a certain formula that will do just what they need, it’s hysterical as they sit in the canoe trying to look serious as they rocked the boat themselves with the explosion. I know this movie will cheer up your dull day.

3 outta 5 slashes!

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