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The Open Door

Mitch from over at sent me this film to review for the site and it was pretty damn cool! The Open Door had a neat concept of this pirate radio show called The Oracle that turns up on the radio but only when it’s a full moon. If you listen to the show it creeps into your mind persuading you to call in and wish for what you want out of life- it’s one of those becareful of what you wish for kinda of things!

Angelica is a cute type of reserved girl who totally has it bad for the popular jock Brad. They are both into each other and agree to meet up at a party that night to hang out, you know what that really means- hook up. Stacy is Angelica’s bff forever but seems to have a very jealous and mean side to her. Like when Angelica can’t get to the party she hits on Brad herself. 

Well after drunken confrontations and scheming fake friends the gang decides to head over to Angelica’s to try and scare her. Well guess what, the jokes on them! The demon is unleashed and will hop into whomever’s body that is available. The effects of this are totally satisfying and those blank whites of the eyes are creepy extras!         

The chaos that ensues at this house is great, and just about consumes all of the characters. Can anyone escape the wishes that Angelica made unknowing the totally horrible circumstances that would occur? There is only one thing you can not do and that is revoke your wish. Once you make it be prepared to suffer the consequences!

Written by AngryPrincess

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