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Dangerous Calling

Christian Horror Film? Well I guess so! I can fully see how some horror films can be spiritual in nature… good vs. evil, man vs. monster, so why not? Well Cloud Ten Pictures put a new horror film out there for people that are not so much into evil part of horror… ok then! Read more about it below…

Even with the box office success of Passion of the Christ and Fireproof, Christian films still conjure thoughts of bad acting, flat storylines and syrupy Sunday school lessons. But the producers of a new Christian horror film say they have created an atypical thriller that is genuinely scary.

Dangerous Calling will be screened in churches this weekend as an alternative to traditional Halloween events.

The film centers on a new pastor who faces dire opposition from his leadership as he attempts to make changes to their small-town church. Although it lacks the gory scenes often seen in films of this genre, the movie is sure to hold the attention of young people, the film’s distributor says.

“Because there are so many occultish or dangerous films we wanted to provide churches an alternate,” said Andre van Heerdan, CEO of Cloud Ten Pictures, the film’s distribution house. “Dangerous Calling delivers in a big way and is genuinely watch-through-your-fingers scary in a number of spots.”

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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