ThanksKilling review

It’s that time of year where fall is almost over and those grouchy relatives wanna come to your house and eat up all your food and you gotta put on the forced smile and pretend you even enjoy being in their company…yup Thanksgiving. Well if you’ve enough of that shit just call in the killer turkey from the film ThanksKilling. This film is destined to become a horror cult classic!

Let me get this out first so you understand what exactly what you are getting yourself into. This movie is stupid as hell so you need a sense of humor to enjoy it and that’s exactly what I did. It was a boring Friday night so I popped it in and the next thing you know my sides were hurting from the comical situations this damn killer turkey was in. 

My favorite part was when the turkey went to Kirsten’s house looking for her and her Dad answers the door dressed up as a turkey for his annual costume party. They sit there at the dinner table sipping coffee while chatting and the turkey has on these black eyeglasses, it was just hysterical to me. Finally the turkey has had it and adds daddy to the victims list.  

I don’t want to give to much away but this little bugger takes a Que from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in one scene and then maybe the Toxic Avenger in another. You just have to see it to believe it. The gang needs to find the turkey in his tee-pee and spout out a spell while finally burning the turkey at the stake. Can they kill this turkey that seems completely unstoppable?

Written by AngryPrincess