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The Hunt Review

At first, when I rented this movie, I thought it would be another b-movie with a stupid plot and terrible acting. I was dead wrong. It was a b-movie, but one of the better ones out there. The whole movie is set like the Blair Witch Project, from a hand-held camcorder and has a documentary feel. The Hunt is about a father and his stepson, with a guide, who go hunting in the woods. Little do they know, they have stumbled into a restricted area of the woods that contains aliens. What I really liked about this movie was that everything was shot in mockumentary style and that there were some really scary moments in this film. I never expected a film like this to be so good.

In the beginning of the film, we are told off the bat that this was a documentary about how and why the hunting group disappeared. There are interviews as well as evidence and the acting is top-notch, so top-notch that after a while you begin to thing that this is a real documentary. It really gives the audience the illusion that this was based on real events.

I want to compare this movie to The X-Files in the sense that it delivers some extremely freaky scenes as well as a well-constructed plot about aliens. It felt like an X-Files episode minus Mulder and Skully and since the bulk of the story is told in flashback with scenes showing what really happened… I can even compare it to the TV show Unsolved Mysteries. You never really see the alien, but there are shots where you see parts of the alien or you see the body of it but it’s not in focus. It’s like a mind trick and it really keeps you on your feet.

It’s somewhat rare to find a movie that has a good plot that’s very original and set in unchronological order. I really enjoyed it and this just strengthens my point that the only true horror out there is in the independent horror movies and this is a good example of it. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I really did not like about this movie. I would strongly recommend this to anybody who loves good indie horror or is a sci-fi fan. Even the tagline for this movie was pretty good and I normally never say that… that’s how good this movie is.

Written by FreddysFingers

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