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Run! Bitch Run!

On December 8th Breaking Glass Pictures will release the new indie film maker Joseph Guzman’s smashing debut flick “Run! Bitch Run!” which is told in the likes of traumatizing films such as “The Last House on the Left” and “Chaos.” This film will have you cheering on Catherine as she executes her attackers. Your about to take a bumpy ride thru the sweetest revenge a scorned woman can get!

Catherine and Rebecca are Catholic school girls selling bibles door to door to raise money. Rebecca wants to hurry up and unload them all so they can go have a little fun. You can tell she’s a wild one but Catherine is a sweet, innocent teen who has the morals of a nun. Unfortunatley for her the pair knock on the wrong door and are greeted with three very sick individuals who have no concious or remorse. 

When you think back to the sleazy gritty exploitation flicks do you wish to yourself “Damn, I wish there were more movies like that out there today?” Well dream no more, Run! Bitch Run! will scratch your eyes out then laugh in your face about it! It’s just completely pure madness once Catherine loses it and her sweet revenge sets in. Her mind just snaps and she slowly stalks each abuser like an intent cat would the beadied eye mouse.   

In the end will she be able to handle the grizzley murders she has just committed? Or will she be in shock tormented by what she has done? Will her God forgive her and if not can she live with that?” Run! Bitch Run!” is totally the disburbing movie that you just can’t turn away no matter how hard you try. It gives new meaning to the term “pain in the ass!”

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