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Next Door is Coming Soon

The suspenseful ghost story ‘Next Door’ begins principal photography on May 1st

Executive Producer Sal Lizard and Director Andrew Sawyer begin principal filming for their new production ‘Next Door’ starting on May 1st.

‘Next Door’ is a gripping ghost story that follows the tale of Anna, a single woman and bookkeeper for a New York firm, who wins a bid on a house in a small town in Massachusetts. After being abandoned by previous owners and vacant for quite some time, Anna arrives and finds that the house seems to be haunted. She soon makes discoveries about her house and her neighbors that are more than unsettling…….

‘Next Door’ will star Sal Lizard (The Box, Hillbilly Bob Zombie, Super Tromette Action Movie Go!), Nicole Kruex (Terror Overload, Into Temptation, Faux), Christina Rondano, and Horror Legend Lynn Lowry (The Crazies, Shivers, Cat People, Fighting Mad).


Directed by: Andrew Sawyer
Script by: Allison Lahikainen
Original Score by: V. Nigel Taylor
Associate Producer: Matthew C. Dumond
Executive Producer: Sal Lizard

Written by Mitchell Wells

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