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Sinners Falls Flat on Silver Face

“Sinners” was written and directed by Gary Lynch and stars Karli G. Brooks, Nina Nicole and Tanya Fraser. The film starts off with a very attractive woman asking all sorts of provocative questions leading us to conclude that she is a lady of the night. We are then introduced to all of the other sinners, including their Madam.

Unfortunately, this is where things start to unravel pretty quickly.  “Sinners” quickly leaves me feeling like we are watching a late night Cinemax flick with all the ladies in the film trying to show just how tough they all are. Problem is, once the blond hair, silver faced killer starts killing them all one by one, they all go down pretty easy (pun may be intended).

Each death feels very rushed and preceded with our killer whispering “Sinner” before they hand out their own brand of street justice. All of the kills happen far to quickly, even for a short film. However, the main problem I have with this film is the reasoning behind the killers actions.  Without giving anything away, the ending just doesn’t make any sense at all and really ruins what could have been a great film that could have explored the morality of “right and wrong” and but  instead falls flat on it’s pretty little silver face.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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