Munsters Star Butch Patrick Named In Wisconsin Murder Investigation

ButchPatrick1Munsters star Butch Patrick has been named in an alleged involvement in a murder from 2006.

From Radar Online: “As The National Enquirer is reporting, the 59-year-old actor was one of three people named in a Marathon County Sheriff Department’s summary of interviews conducted by detectives investigating the brutal slaying of Wisconsin pharmacist Ken Juedes on Aug. 30, 2006.

In the 2007 documents, just now uncovered, Bill Stanton claimed that he spoke to a man named Brian Demler who alleged that, on the night of murder, he drove a getaway car that contained Butch and two other men.

In the investigation report, Demler claimed he sat outside as Butch and the other men entered the home.”

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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  1. On Nov 27,2019 Cindy Schulz Juedes was arrested and is now on trial for First degree Intentional Homicide in the August 29,2006 death of her husband of less than 2 years Kenneth Edwin Juedes.Through her Attorney Earl Gray she has named 5 alternative suspects including P Butch Lilley.The State has agreed that her Attorney has meet the requirements for the 5 to be part of her trial as alternative suspects.The trial will be for about 6 weeks starting in October of 2021.One of the five has already been served with a order and certificate of appearance in the case.If you check the trial documents there is significant evidence against the five allegedly.Schulz Juedes is in the Marathon County jail on a $1 million cash bond.

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