Review: Don’t Go to the Reunion

5921_458192654265228_1266751208_nHorrorSociety had been very supportive of Don’t Go to the Reunion while it was in its fundraising campaign. While I may not have donated to the production, I’ve still been interested in seeing the final product from Slasher Studios. A few nights ago I was able to watch this slasher flick so stay tuned for my review!

Title: Don’t Go to the Reunion
Director: Steve Goltz
Writer: Kevin Sommerfield
Cast: Nick Sommer, Spencer Harlan, Stephanie Rose, Johnathon Krautkramer, Hannah Herdt, Tawnie Thompson, Matty Dorschner, Mike Goltz, and Hayley San Fillippo

Don’t Go to the Reunion tells the story of a small group of friends who are mysteriously reunited at an old, creepy house for their 10 year high school reunion. Turns out the popular kids in high school weren’t the nicest group of kids and bullied poor Scott Rantzen whose life was ruined by a cruel prank. Now things aren’t quite as they seem while they wait for their big day…and unfortunately most of them won’t make it to reunite with the class of 2014.

This is obviously an indie horror flick that pays respect to the iconic slasher films of the genre, those ranging from the early 80s all the way to the early 2000s. Yes, the plot may not be the most original, but I have seen other Slasher Studios productions and know that they aren’t hacks. I think the point of Don’t Go To The Reunion was a way to showcase the team’s ability to make a feature length film, while also demonstrating that techniques and ideas from thirty years ago are still appreciated today. Can we technically call this a period piece?

The film contains all the stereotypical characters from slasher films – the hot popular girl, her asshole boyfriend, the jock, the slut, the nerd, the party boy, the girl who just barely fits in, etc. As I’ve seen this line up many times before, I actually found none of the characters – save for one – to be very unlikable. So, this movie is definitely one where you route for the killer more than the “helpless” victims. All of the actors in this picture did a fairly decent job, especially considering the script that seemed too forced in some spots. Kevin Sommerfield has a knack for creating witty dialogue, but don’t overdue it!

Since I was routing for the killer, I was waiting for the gore and bloodshed at every moment. There are a couple cool deaths in Don’t Go to the Reunion…but they were too quick! I wanted to see slow, painful deaths, an extra chase scene, something that makes the suffering of these grown up brats more enjoyable. My favorite? Probably the double penetration at the end; sounds crazy but I’m not throwing out any spoilers here.

All in all Don’t Go to the Reunion is a pretty decent slasher flick. Sure, it has its faults, but being that it was an homage to old slashers and the team’s first attempt at a feature length flick I was impressed. Especially with the ending. I had suspected but…nice job with that one. Anyway, I’d rate this movie a 6.5 out of 10 and it is available for preorder over at

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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