Greet the Lovely Female Cast from Haunting of the Innocent!

Group-Shot-Haunting-of-the-InnocentDirector Matt Hish and producer Autumn Federici, along with all of the cast and crew from Haunting of the Innocent, have come together for a promotional photo shoot. Los Angeles photographer Steve Barston took the photos in an abandoned carnival, which can be seen in the stills. Actresses Jessica Morris, Hannah Cowley, Autumn Federici and Mariah Bonner are featured prominently in these stills.

Haunting of the Innocent recently released through video-on-demand formats. The film is currently available on Redbox, Hulu Plus and iTunes. Later, in March, distributors Uncork’d Entertainment will release this title through home video formats. And, foreign distribution rights are being negotiated.

Fans of indie horror features can preview the film, including the gorgeous female cast, below. More distribution news will come this way shortly.

The film’s official trailer:





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