Killer Campaign – LAKE ALICE from Glass House and Gas Lamp


Glass Horse Films in Collaboration with Gas Lamp Entertainment has innovated the way fans experience scary and are on the hunt for artists, and designers to create a mask to terrify audiences in their upcoming film, Lake Alice.

In the snow-covered northern woods of Wisconsin, this films family finds themselves being stalked and hunted, as they fight to stay alive in a blizzard of blood-filled chaos. This killer hides behind an exclusive mask that fans will have the opportunity to create and showcase via the films indiegogo page.

The winner will be selected by the films Director Ben Milliken during pre-production and their mask will be featured in the film.

About Gas Lamp Entertainment:
Gas Lamp Entertainment was founded by Producer Scott Miller. The company specializes in high quality scripted film and television and currently holds the rights to three films. Prior to opening Gas Lamp Entertainment, Miller coordinated and managed feature films such as Superstition by Blumhouse Productions and Paramount’s much awaited Drunk Wedding. Along with his filmmaking, Miller coordinated and managed television shows ranging from the recent Discovery Channel show Fat N Furious: Rolling Thunder to TLC’s Its All Relative and many more.

About Glass Horse Films:
Glass Horse Films is the collaboration of independent film producers Lamar Billups and Ben Milliken. They have produced several films including the highly anticipated romantic comedy Somebody Marry Me.
Together with their creative team, Billups and Milliken continue to dedicate themselves to the art of classic storytelling through high quality, commercially viable films.


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