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Get “Legend of the HILLBILLY BUTCHER” fer Halloween!


Well, it seems da Jessup clan’s gettin’ sued! Sum folks claim dat da meat dey’s servin’ ain’t Grade “A”, …it’s tainted, an’ may not even be real long pig!

Well, dey ain’t gonna take dat sittin’ down, well dey might, but dey’s gonna holler backwit sum TRUTH bout what sum REAL folks is sayin’ bout der meat…

Read an’ put yer order in, or put yer order in an’ den read:

Gritty, exploitation, B-movie, drive-in brilliance. Not since Dear God No! have I seen a throwback-style film made with such a love and knowledge of the genre. Hillbilly Butcher is so saturated and grimy, I swear you can almost smell it!
Jason Hignite, HorrorHound Magazine

Fans of grimy ’70s exploitation take notice: This movie was made for you! It is a total immersive experience, transporting you back in time to make you feel like your shoes are stuck to the floor of a dingy Middle America grindhouse theatre as you watch the offerings of low-budget exploitation masters…I could practically smell the moldy popcorn being re-warmed for the 24th time out in the theatre lobby!
Tony Strauss, Weng’s Chop Magazine

What can I say I was totally blown away by Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher. The movie started out with an old man telling children of the Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher and it had me from the first minute. Kind of mockumentary style…reminded me a lot of the films of Charles B. Pierce like The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Town That Dreaded Sundown.
Jason Limberg, Demons of Celluloid

Fartsy and artsy or utterly amateur? I don’t know and I don’t care. I found myself endeared to THE LEGEND OF THE HILLBILLY BUTCHER for its respect toward old school filmmaking. This isn’t a film that has a computer-generated grindhouse effect thrown in during post. This was a film made with old school film stock, with a blurry lens and scratches in the print. Numerous times I felt I was watching one of John Waters’ early silent films like PINK FLAMINGOS, shedding light on a culture through a cracked and time worn camera lens.
Mark L Miller, AICN Horror

LEGEND OF THE HILLBILLY BUTCHER looks like it could have aired on a TV weekend matinee–albeit very heavily edited! It has the look and feel of a 70s backwoods romp. It is shot in soft focus, overexposed just a touch, grainy and shows signs of wear. In many features this proves to be a distraction but it largely enhances the mood and effect of the BUTCHER.
Slashers, Starlets, and Sleaze

This movie is quite special when compared to other films that has been released recently. A lot of movies have been going for that grainy look reminiscent of classic exploitation and grindhouse flicks. However, none have been going for that damaged film look we often get from 70s films like Savage Weekend and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This film does and pulled it off flawlessly. Though I was watching this on a DVD, the film looked like I was watching a damaged VHS bringing back a lot of memories of my child hood and my all night movie marathons.
Mac Brewer, Horror Society

Best Retrosploiation Film? You betcha! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen something like this (or at least done well) and it’s welcoming to be reminded of cult camp movies that remind you of warm summer nights with possible terror lurking somewhere in the woods. Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher is an alluring, gory bio pic. Joaquin Montalvan certainly is a man who can do it all; writing, producing, directing and even doing the cinematography. This man is the reason this movie looks so damn good, so credit where credit is due. Of course, the rest of the cast and crew is great as well. This is one of the most engrossing independent films I have scene in a long time, so I would highly recommend giving this a watch, ya hear?
Goon Reviews, Lost Highway’s B-Movie and Cult Film Reviews

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Carl Henry Jessup


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