12 Months of Terror

2015-calendar will release 12 horror-themed short films throughout 2015 is a fan site known for reproducing the movies-within-the-“Scream”-movies, the “Stab” films, for free viewing, on their now massively popular YouTube Channel. With over 18 million views, their channel offers 4 full length films and several short films, mostly based on the Scream series. Writer and director, Joshua Patrick Dudley, has announced that in 2015 will release 12 horror themed shorts, one for each month, featuring a different theme.

“I sat down with Rachel Arnold, my executive producer, and we discussed, quite in depth, how much we’d like to try to do other areas of horror and it kind of grew into a bigger idea.” Dudley says. “We could do more original content for our viewers, try new things and maybe throw in a few other tribute style fan-films.”
With that, the idea was born. Each month, a new short film will premiere on their YouTube channel with a theme for that month. “New Year’s Resolution” was just released on January 1, 2015 and Joshua says most of the short films will pay homage to that month’s most popular holiday. So expect to see a Valentine’s Film titled “True Love” about witches who create the perfect man, “Thursday the 12th,” a tribute to “Friday the 13th,” that will be released on Friday the 13th in March, “Cinco” in May, “Father’s Day” June, an “I Know What You Did Last Summer” tribute for the Fourth of July and so on.

“The fans really want more Stab movies, and we’re going to give them those, too.” Dudley continues, “The new ‘Stab 7’ will also premiere this year, so, just consider these 12 short films free bonuses! Happy Holidays from all of us at; where we believe you should have a horror movie for every holiday!”


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