Robert Cruz Returns For “I Recorded A Murder, Too!

20995_847976671948167_9038889204626316510_nIf you haven’t seen the 2016 horror thriller “I Recorded A Murder!” then think twice because it was announced last week that Manny Velazquez Film Studios will be spawning a sequel to the film and is development at the moment.
Actor/Rapper Robert Cruz will return as his role as the filmmaker who records a murder, but this time theres gonna be more to the murder than he knows.

Cruz has been known for his works in music as the stage name LiL Rob and his song ‘Nonsense’ that appeared in the films ‘I Recorded a Muder!’ and ‘Psychedelia’.

Manny Velazquez is set to direct the film, but don’t forget to keep an close eye out for a special guest appearance from ‘Adriana Carradero’.


Written by Mitchell Wells

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