Death Walks Gets World Premiere


Exactly 3 years from when filming first began, indie horror Death Walks gets its world premiere in the very location it was shot in.

In 2013 writer/director Spencer Hawken had the idea to make a horror movie that was a genuine zero budget movie. At no point during the making of the film did any money change hands, and even the leads that include Cannibal Holocaust’s Francesca Ciardi volunteered their own time because they believed in what the budget was trying to achieve.

“However Death Walks is received, we’ve done something truly historic here, we’ve created an 84 minute movie, edited, mixed and composed the score all for nothing. Even an insurance company came along for the ride giving us free insurance to cover the entire cast and crew through the filming.” said Hawken 43 from Brentwood, Essex, UK.

Death Walks promises twists a plenty, and says that despite the heavy Zombie references that the film is more a thriller, with a serious of underlying secrets that become exposed as the story progresses.

“We are fiercy proud of what we have achieved, hundreds of people from sound men to make up artists, to actors, to production assistants. We all worked together to make a truly one of event, that can never be beaten, nobody can ever make a cheaper film.

Death Walks takes heavy influence from directors Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento, and the first time director says you’ll see clear Zombi 2 and Deep Red homages through the film.

The director has submitted the film to 76 worldwide festivals, and is in no hurry to sell the project, believing the movie will find it’s audience sooner or later.

You can see the trailer for Death Walks here



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