LARRY GONE DEMON – Award-Winning Horror / Comedy Short

After a successful year-and-a-half run on the festival circuit (playing in competition at such festivals as the Nashville Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, and Sydney Underground Film Festival) the horror/comedy is finally online. For a full list of the 45+ festivals and special events where Larry Gone Demon screened, please see the Vimeo link of the film provided:

A frenetic, punk-rock nightmare centering on one asshole of a roommate.

When three twenty-somethings must deal with the incorrigible and incredibly demonic Larry, they risk life and limb in an attempt to save the soul of their once-kind-and-unassuming friend while also procuring his five-hundred dollars in back rent. Black metal, excrement, Russian gangs, bowling priests, and aborted fetuses collide in this riotous horror-comedy.

Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!

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