EXCLUSIVE DEBUT: “Eye for an Eye: Henrietta” a film by Filmatics & Writer/Director Elia Petridis

Exclusive to, check out “Eye for an Eye: Henrietta” – a short film by Filmatics and its founder, Writer/Director Elia Petridis. This film is a part of the transmedia Eye for an Eye VR universe and serves as a pre-qual and origin story of one of the main characters in the VR story, a medium named Henrietta.

Our favorite scene features the beautiful “Ribbon Bow” (listen here) arranged by Ruy Folguera and featuring vocals by Jesca Hoop. Our main character is dancing, while plotting an attack on a perceived peeping tom. The editing and direction in this moment are one of the best aspects of the short. It really builds an incredible amount of anticipation and suspense, to a visceral level. The song really plays well in this moment too, transfixing us on Henrietta and really enveloping the audience in this simple, yet intense dance — it is pretty much elevated into something that seems like a demonic ritual, but a really beautiful one that makes me crave for more.

This is a great horror debut for writer/director Elia Petridis and a nice compliment to the VR piece. I look forward to checking out Petridis and Filmatics’ next output.

Be sure to check out our previous feature interview with Elia Petridis by clicking here.

Also, since our last interview, it was great to see that Elia and his company Filmatics are paving the path for diversity and inclusion in AR/VR. They produced a panel at Comic-Con 2016 titled, “Di-VR-sity,” with many esteemed professions in VR, where they debated  opportunities and challenges in this space for women and minorities.

Also, check out this great interview Elia did with Huffington Post, which was invaluable in our research on this piece, and fun to see what else he has been up to.

Finally, follow Filmatics on twitter (@gofilmatics), facebook, and instagram (@gofilmatics) and check out their website —

Basic info on the short:


Karen Corona
Erich Riegelman
Rick Dano
Catlin Randolph


Created by: Writer/Director Elia Petridis
Producer: Valeria Lopez
Cinematography: Judy Phu
Production Design: Katie Moest
Costume Design: Natalia Barzilai
Sound: White Light Audio & Alvaro Cadavid
Music: Ruy Folguera
Score Mixer: Alvaro Cadavid
Post Production Supervisor: Elijah Senn
Special FX: Michael Matzur
Coloring: Anarchy Post
Credits: Polaris
Special Thanks: Devin Embil

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