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Director Q and A: Ryan Burton, The Watcher of Park Ave (2017)

Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare on Elm Street) has made a successful transition to Indie films. Just this year she starred in the Award Winning Oct 23rd, and has received stellar reviews for her lead role in Thommy Hutson’s The Id.

Recently, Amanda found her self heading to New York City to shoot the Indie Thriller, The Watcher of Park Ave. Also joining her? A Neighbor from Elm Street…Lisa Wilcox. We talk to Director Ryan Burton on how it was working with the two Horror Icons.

Vivian Lee/Interviewer: First off, Congratulations on wrapping your first Short Film!

Ryan Burton/Director and Writer: Thank you very much!

​Q: What was your reaction when you received the news that Amanda and Lisa were joining your project?

A: Well…it took me about two hours to actually open the email because I didn’t want my dreams to be dashed just yet (Laughs), but to my surprise the first line of the email read “Amanda and Lisa are in”, and I did a jig of glee.

Q: Why were you so surprised?

A: Because it is first Short Film and I really didn’t have anything released that would make them say “Oh, I gotta work with this kid!”, but I just thought I’d give it a shot! I had nothing to lose by asking.

Q: Amazing! How were the ladies on set?

A: Divas! No, they were absolutely professional and I am blown away by their performances. They portray vastly different women and I believe Horror fans will get a kick out of it seeing them in these roles.

Q: Describe their Characters?

A: Amanda plays Samantha Warren, a hardened NYC Detective, who is on the hunt for a serial Killer. Lisa gets to have a little bit more fun as a sassy, sarcastic Party goer named Gwen Hedren.

Q: Does it still feel surreal that you had the chance to work with two actress’ from such a legendary franchise?

A: I say to myself, “How in the hell, did I pull this off?” (Laughs), as stressful as those five days were I am so grateful that the ladies believed in my little movie. I really have Thommy Hutson to thank for making it happen and for being such a great middle man.

Q: What is next on your production roster?

A: I am in the midst of editing two Episodic comedies (“Saving Carter Collins” and “The Many Loves of Benjamin”) and I have some female driven scripts I’m working on. Nothing is set in stone yet!

Q: If you could work with any other “Scream Queens”, who would they be?

A: Cassandra Peterson, Adrienne Barbeau for sure!

Q: Just send them an Email!

A: Good Idea, Maybe I will!

The Watcher of Park Ave is Slated for a 2017 Release. Follow @Thewatcherfilm2017 on Instagram for the latest updates.

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