T@gged Will Return to Go90 in 2017 with Season 2!

There are so many new ways to find original content and so much new content hitting on demand on a daily basis that it’s hard to keep track of every horror show. I, like most of you, missed out on a new series called “T@gged,” which streams exclusively on the Go90 App. Much like Netflix and Hulu, Go90 is available on all Smart Phones and is a source for new and original content produced exclusively for its users. “T@gged” is a mix of Chain Letter and “Pretty Little Liars,” where the three main characters are sent violent and incriminating videos by an anonymous source. Mixing horrific, thrilling and dramatic elements, the web-series also serves as a message to the youth of our generation – be mindful of what you put on social media… you never know who’s watching!

Produced in New Mexico by writer and director Hannah Macpherson, who created last year’s indie horror hit Sickhouse, this new series is one to watch out for!. Even though it’s a Smart Phone series, “T@gged” has gained an impressive online following with about 14,000 followers on Twitter and many more viewers who took a look at the show’s first season which finished its run in September 2016. Since then, the cast and crew have been working tirelessly on producing season two for their die-hard fans. If the current social media push is anything to examine, it looks like “T@gged” may return to Go90 in the next few months.

Remember, Go90 is available for download on all Smart Phones and you can binge watch the first season of “T@gged” before season two premieres this Spring!

“T@gged” stars Lia Marie Johnson, Lulu Antariksa, Lukas Gage, Brendan Meyer, Nick Fink and Enid from “The Walking Dead” – Katelyn Nacon.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)