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PHOBIA, New International Horror Anthology

Vestra Pictures by Tony Newton (producer of films like: Grindsploitation, Virus of the dead) and The Enchanted Architect by Domiziano Cristopharo (producer of: Red Krokodil, Sacrifice) present PHOBIA the new collective movie that features 16 international directors developing an unusual theme: phobias.

Do you know exist Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia (fear of long words) or Geniofobia (fear of the… chin?)? Exists thousand of fears and phobia that in some case become clinic patology.

This film delves into the horrors of phobias in each segment about one phobia and the bloody twist of it, ’cause…

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear”
H. P. Lovecraft

Featured directors: James Quinn (The law of Sodom), Sam Mason Bell (The making of), Jason Impey (Home Made), Michael J. Epstein&Sophia Cacciola (TEN), Alessandro Redaelli (POE 3), Chris Milewski (Welcome to the world, dear child), Alessandro Giordani (L’insonne), Sunny King (Pray), Jason Figgis (The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann) plus Newton (60 seconds to die) and Cristopharo itself (House of Flesh Mannequins).

The last directors will be chosen from submissions internationally throughout the internet, Interested directors must send their short of around 5 minutes, depicting a phobia of their choosing, that will be evenctually selected, included in the movie or included in the second feature which is already in developement.

Directors, and producers that are interested in joining the project please contact:


Mitchell Wells

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