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CHICAGO! Let’s Celebrate the End of Winter with a Trash Movie Nite

Horror Society is ushering in Spring with some Snow Trash

Spring is almost here, fellow Chicagoans! We made it through another winter. Admittedly, this year’s wasn’t that bad, but we can still celebrate. So let’s say, “so long, winter” with a little snow trash. And there’s no trash like snow trash. Join us Wednesday, March 15th, as Horror Society presents another edition of Trash Movie Nite!

Your trash master of scaremonies, Matt Storc returns to host two modern examples of extra trashiness. The double feature will be taking place Wednesday, March 15th at 8PM. Fat Cat Chicago is located on 4840 N. Broadway Street, Chicago, Illinois 60640.

Trash Movie Nite will feature back to back screenings of a better than expected reboot, THE THING (2011) and the movie our readers on social media voted on to screen along with it, CELL.

We have a fun drinking game planned for The Thing, and it should, no doubt, help us get through Cell. There will of course be trivia with fun FREE giveaways and a trashy VHS trailer reel in between the films. Plus, some kickass horror themed vendors will be in the house.

Stay up to date with the 21+ event and RSVP Here

See you Wednesday, March 15th at Fat Cat! As always, IT’S TOTALLY FREE to enter!

Written by Matt Storc

(Chicago Events Coordinator) Matt Storc is a screenwriter and director from the great city of Chicago. He enjoys sharing movies with people almost as much as he enjoys making them. He also does a killer rendition of the other guy's part in Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" at karaoke."

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