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Low budget horror DREAM REAPERS out now on VHS from Dead/Broke Productions and Nemesis Video!!

From Dead/Broke Productions- the guys that brought you DEATH DUMMY and Dead End Drive, comes Dream Reapers, a 2016 shot on video horror/comedy that follows Dan, a bad-horror movie fanatic who loves slasher films and can’t get enough of the blood and gore. He recently started having nightmares and his friends believe it’s from watching too many horror movies.

One day while watching another cheap slasher flick, Dan’s friends walk in and catch him. He blows off their nagging and concerns and takes a nap while they play some video games. Shortly after falling asleep, there’s a strange knock at the door. The startled friends decide to investigate the source of the noise and find out what’s there.

What will they find?

Is it real or all just a dream?

From Dead/Broke Productions and released by Nemesis Video, this VHS is limited to 30 hand numbered copies. Grab em while you can!



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