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“Girls Night” is a new horror shortfilm about three girlfriends Alyson, Chloe and Jess having a slumber party on Halloween night. At some point Chloe asks if they’re still interested in watching horror films and Alyson has a better idea… Is the legend of Bloody Mary real ? Do you believe in urban legends ?

Here’s what reviewers are saying about the short film:

« The score is effective, the three main characters are colorful and engaging, and the central antagonist, in creepy mask and blonde wig, has an eerie menacing quality that makes this short worth a look. » – Gourmet Horror

« Great effort from David Teixeira and crew… solid recommend. » – ScareTissue

« What’s impressive about Teixeira’s direction is that it’s simple, but highly effective. He uses the atmosphere of the house to submit a sense of isolation.
(the film) isn’t bulletproof by any stretch, but it showcases an imagination to think outside of the box and unnerve the viewer. Its surreal visuals and solid performances propel “Girls Night” above a lot of shorts on the current scene, mainly because it’s weird and us horror fans love weird. » – Slaughtered Bird

The short film has been sent to many international film festivals and it was selected to premiere at the Video Nasty Film Festival last march.

Being on film festival circuit, the film is not yet online but there are some clips uploaded on its official Facebook page.

Check it out !

First Clip:

Second Clip:



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