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Review: God’s Kingdom (A Guy Soulsby Short Film)

There’s one thing I’ve learned about reviewing Guy Soulsby’s short films – he really likes blurring the line between good and evil, especially as it pertains to Biblical story-lines. A collaboration between Established Films and Found Studio Productions in association with Focus 24 Films, God’s Kingdom is Soulsby’s latest 26 minute movie that feels akin to his previous release, Devil Makes Work, and it plays with your head in a thought-provoking if not completely confusing sort of way. God’s Kingdom follows a traveler, Jack, and his charge, Ella, as they wander the country alone, staying away from singular strangers and groups of people. Dirty, off the grid, and on the run, they never know what danger lurks around every corner. But who or what are they running from? Anthony Flanagan, Leah Rhodes, Alistair Petrie, Mark Wingett, Paul Hurstfield, Jack Johns, Robert Goodman, Rod Glenn and Amanda Foster star in God’s Kingdom from writer/director/producer Guy Soulsby. God’s Kingdom is now available to watch online and I have included it for you at the bottom of this review.

God’s Kingdom feels like a lot of things, but mostly it feels like an expertly produced, future award-winning short film. Another thing about Guy Soulsby films – they’re always movie theater quality and better than some of the big box office draws you see in theaters. Guy’s skills as a film-maker go unmatched by half of the creators out there; though I realize he’s helped in these adventures – specifically this one – by producer Joe Binks, cinematographer Nicholas Bennett and editor Nick Armstrong. There’s low budget film-making and then there’s independent film-making, and Soulsby is firmly in the second tier because his quality of work is anything other than low budget. Hollywood will come banging on his door one day, I guarantee you, so why not view his work now before he makes it big? As I mentioned, God’s Kingdom is available to watch on YouTube and Vimeo, and I’ve included it for you below. It’s got amazing camera work, breath-taking locations, acting that is incredibly precise but sad, and eyes coming out of people’s heads that I don’t quite understand even while writing this. Maybe you will, though.

The best way to interpret and expect God’s Kingdom is The Last of Us video game without the bacteria zombies. Oh, and people are still around. God’s Kingdom somehow feels post-apocalyptic without the world ending…yet. Maybe it’s all the screaming and yelling and praying, and the threat of supernatural vengeance that could happen as soon as the wandering duo are discovered. Perhaps this short film’s only negative aspect is that it needs to be watched a second time to fully embrace and understand what it has to offer you as a viewer. As such a high caliber piece of cinema, well, that’s not exactly a bad thing. With blockbuster quality CGI, the world teetering on a Biblical disaster, and a mysterious, uneasy mood, God’s Kingdom is nothing short of amazing. It’s claustrophobic despite taking place in the open world. It’s an entire film shortened into a 26 minute masterpiece, and it’s certainly worthy of your time. Watch it below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Final Score: 9 out of 10

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)