ARBOR DAY: Restoration & Distribution Crowd Funding Campaign

From the Indiegogo campaign:

In the early 90’s amongst a rash of holiday-themed slasher films, ARBOR DAY grew a cult following of DAYZees playing movie theaters, art-houses and midnight movie venues. After playing continuously for over two years, Arbor Day faded from sight as the filmmakers moved on to other projects. As their finances focused on creating new films, sadly, a proper video transfer was never made at the time. Throughout the years, DAYZees as well as other indie-film enthusiasts have reached out, inquiring about the lost title.

Recently the original film negative was returned from a now-defunct NYC film laboratory. Our goal is to create a restored 4k digital transfer of the film from the original 30 year old A/B negative to release on streaming services as well as Bluray/DVD. We hope to bring ARBOR DAY not only to its original fanbase, but to a new generation of off-beat indie cinema lovers.

By pre-ordering the film, special package or limited edition collectibles, you will help save a little piece of independent alternative culture from the 90’s (and have a slashing good time doing it!).

We’re hoping to raise $15,000 to cover the costs of the following:

• 4k transfer from negative
• A/B roll edit & sound sync
• Color Grading / Restoration
• Encoding & dvd/bluray authoring, packaging & production

Arbor Day is a 1991 satire of low-budget slasher films of the 1980’s. Promoted as Jason Get’s Aboard Airplane, the American film produced by Colossal Mountain Productions parodied the rash of holiday horror movies at the time. Though a cult comedy, the film was the first feature by documentarian Joseph Sikorski (TOWER TO THE PEOPLE – Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe, INVISIBLE THREADS – From Wireless to War). It starred Janine Carney, William Walsh, Timmy Oshaugnessy, Lynn Smith, John Dorcic, Dawn Graziano and Christopher Calomino. It also featured Colossal Mountain team members Scott Bradshaw, Paul & Dan Walsh and Michael Calomino.

While spoofing the exploitive and gratuitous shock horror genre, Arbor Day also paid homage to motion picture classics like Citizen Kane and The Wizard of Oz.

Movie Plot
While planting a tree as part of an Arbor Day celebration, Elmer Jacobs witnesses the horrifying slaughter of his parents by a grizzly bear. Catatonic for 20 years, he is taunted by apathetic doctors and a cruel hospital staff when he finally snaps like the branch of a tree, and begins a vengeful slaughter, reaping a crop of victims using gardening tools.

Unaware of Elmer’s rampage, a group of teens party in his abandoned family home only to be chopped down one by one (despite the warning from a high-strung Cassandra figure). Among the group are the stereotypical victims, including an oafish stoner, a promiscuous temptress, portly prankster and undeserving heroine Rachel, whose little brother Bobby is a boy genius.

Pursued by a sloppy, no-nonsense detective, Elmer shows both his brutal and softer sides throughout his murderous ordeal.

Through multiple contests of strength, the two battle, with Elmer proving invincible time after time until his past finally comes back to haunt him. Or does it?

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