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Zombie Outbreak – Call for Entries

Oh yes, it’s time once again for the most brutal, blood drenched, underground independent horror you can find on the big screen.

Horror Society is proud to announce the Call For Entries for… Zombie Outbreak!! 8 hours of nothing but Zombie Films.

This time around it’s all about the Zombies!! It’s a 8-hour marathon of nothing but Zombie Films. Everyone loves a good zombie flick and we want to see what you got. Send us your zombie films, shorts, documentary, or music video featuring the walking dead!

Submit your film here

Horror Society is bringing you film festivals every 3 months in the City of Chicago, and on November 14th we will be bringing you a flesh eating filled 8 hours of Independent Underground Horror.

Submission is simple and real cheap. We understand that indie filmmakers are doing these films for the love of filmmaking and not always for the money. Some of you break the bank, and max out your credit cards to make these films, so we keep the submission fees real cheap so you have the chance to get your films screened like they should be seen.

Fees are only $20 for a short, and $25 for a feature length film. We want your films to be seen by the people that will appreciate them. No early submission discounts, or late submission fees either. Simple and easy, like it should be.

Your film submission must be received no later than October 14th, 2009. No late entries.

So if you think your film has what it takes to be a part of the Zombie Madness, then submit it now! This festival will feature 8 hours of brain eating film fun, a zombie makeup contest, vendors, special guests, Q&A’s, giveaways, and more!

More information and submission form can be found at the page

Submit your film here

Mitchell Wells
(Festival Director)
Ph. 773-706-9836

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!


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  1. hey… if anyone needs info on the real zombie outbreaks let me know.

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