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The Shed

Just found this little horror flick called The Shed. Twitter is a good thing!! The trailer looks pretty sharp and the website is full of info about the movie, cast and crew. Check out the synopsis and the trailer below.

The Shed – Synopsis

Rob drives home after work, catching sports scores on the radio and listening to a “Mack the Knife” re-make.  When he arrives home, he drives over a stuffed bear in the driveway, but doesn’t react.  He pops out his CD and catches news on the radio about “Max the Axe”- a notorious local killer on a spree that has police baffled.  When the police ask for help on the radio he calls them “idiots.”  He goes in the house whistling “Mack the Knife.”

When Rob goes inside, his girlfriend is watching news about the axe murders- he tries to distract her, growing concerned about her level of interest with the macabre news coverage.  Her response is that he seems to be the one who always obsesses about horror movies.  Rob wonders why her hands are dirty, she explains it’s from gardening and “Hey, everyone needs a hobby.”

Unfortunately, Rob takes this advice too literally because he now has a secret hobby he’s working on- in her small garden shed.  She definitely doesn’t like the competition for the shed.

Weeks go by & Callie is losing patience but Rob finally finishes his project- he shows her the result, and she is stunned by what she sees.  When he announces he’ll be working on even more of this same hobby in “The Shed” from now on, Callie storms off furious.

They go to sleep for the night angry- Callie wakes him in the middle of the night to share a solution, but Rob wonders why they can’t talk in the morning.  Sure they’ve argued- but it’s nothing to lose one’s head over…

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