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The team behind the horror/thriller LAKE EERIE has launched a Kickstarter for finishing funds, a testament on how anticipated the film is, they have already reach their Kickstarter goal!

LAKE EERIE helmed by CHRIS MAJORS and starring horror icons LANCE HENRIKSEN (Aliens) BETSY BARKER (EVIL DEAD) rounding out this amazing cast is MARILYN GHIGLIOTTI (CLERKS) wrestle icon AL SNOW and featuring MEREDITH MAJORS.

A young widow moves into an old house on Lake Erie to recover from the traumatic death of her husband; she soon discovers a dark secret and that she is not alone.

Shooting the film Lake Eerie was a dream come true for both of us and we have worked for over two years to make that dream a reality. Lake Eerie is in the final stages of Post Production and we need your help to raise the funds that will allow us to put the finishing touches on the film and get it out there for all to see!

We are offering some really great perks if you contribute to our campaign! Perfect for Holiday Gifts!! Music downloads, DVDs and Blu Rays of the final film with exclusive Behind the Scenes footage, autographed posters, T-shirts, custom-made jewelry, original paintings by our on-set Art Designer, VIP tickets to Lake Eerie’s red carpet World Premiere and after parties, IMDb producer credits, and much more!

This is a great opportunity to join our team and be a part of a feature film! Our film is “in the can” and it will be completed, we just need your help to do it! There is no risk on your part that the film will not see the light of day. You can make our project better! Help us reach our goal and you will be rewarded with some really cool swag, in addition to helping someone’s dream come true!

You can check out the links below for more information on the project.

Official Facebook –

Official Trailer:



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