Watch Indie Slasher “Raythe’s Hollow” Free!

Legends can be true, and some are deadly. This is a lesson learned by William Blackwood and his soon-to-be-wife, Mariah Loomis, when they travel to a strange, isolated town in order to uncover the mystery behind the gruesome death of Will’s younger brother. They soon find that strangers aren’t welcome in Raythe’s Hollow, especially by corrupt Sheriff Vensin Miller. A dark, bloody history lurks beneath the town’s quiet facade – and tales of a masked psychopath in the surrounding marshland, slaughtering those unlucky enough to wander into his territory. Will and Mariah’s search for answers becomes a shocking, blood-soaked fight for survival and family.

A tribute to 1970s horror classics such as “Halloween” and “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, “Raythe’s Hollow” is an independent slasher film by Coy Ray Truman. Starring David LeFaye, Miranda Rowe, Danny Waz, Jay Boc, Kathy Valent, John Gamin, Jennifer Kimble, Randy Truman, and Ashley Krebs.

At a lean 53 minutes, “Raythe’s Hollow” was made for horror fans by horror fans, and is available to watch completely free on YouTube in the link below!

Submitted by: Coy Truman
Creator of Malvada Films. “Raythe’s Hollow” is our first feature.

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