Stargazer by Miguel Conner

I have read one of the most horrorfying vampire books yet. Stargazer by Miguel Conner a Kindle download. The main character; Byron, is a true rebel not only onto his own kind but to humans also. Humans in this book are referred to as Warm Ones. Byron is a pure killing machine struggling with his past,and how he became a vampire. Byron sets out to learn of his past while on a mission to discover unrest among the Warm Ones in their camps. Camps are like Nazi death camps where vampires see humans as cattle for nothing more than feeding upon. A young female Warm One shaman is leading a war against the Stargazers. Byron soon finds himself liberating the Warm Ones and together, the shaman and Byron set out on a blood filled journey to destroy the MoonQueen, the one that rules all Stargazers and the one that turned Byron. This is the only vampire book that gave me nightmares.

Stargazer is a multiple reality novel with gnostic overtones. Yet Byron could be viewed as a Christ figure as he becomes a liberator while his sacrifice looms over him. I recommend Stargazer to any fan of vampire novels filled with horror. In my opinion 4 fangs for Stargazer.

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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